From his wildly popular Tumblr page, Dan Wilbur offers his delightfully cruel summary of the books you were forced to read in high school—with all that resentment and angst loaded into a punchy re-title. Incisive, vindictive, and brutally funny, each page features a recognizable cover with the title renamed. Perfect for parties, gift for fanatic book lovers, and casual bathroom reading.

Don’t want to slog through lengthy old books like A Tale of Two Cities or The Giving Tree? Sick of being judged by your avid-reader “friends” who talk about books you’ve never heard of? Want to sound smarter without the strain of actually bettering yourself? Never fear. In How Not to Read, you’ll find techniques to fake your way through literature so you never have to read another book—ever!

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I was the Ecards Editor for where I wrote and edited hundreds of cards for over a year. I also wrote a number of things for the website that have nothing to do with cards.

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